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I haven't been active in this blog for some time now. My attention has been diverted recently to matters of "national importance" via my other blog Hopefully, I'll be more active here in the coming days.

So, what made me reactivate my presence here? Well, I recently found a very helpful e-book, which I would like to share with you. It's about making money online, which was the original purpose of this blog thus the name WordsForMoolah or simply put words for money or blogging for money. Anyway, as I said, I recently came across this e-book and was intrigued enough to purchase it for a reasonable price. The book is 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online by Willie Crawford.

This 247-page e-book offers a wealth of information on how we can make money online. Not only does it list 20 different online business models but also outlines the steps on how to go about doing each one of them. There are also loads of links to sites you can use to develop your online business.

Since I started blogging a few months ago I have been scouring the internet for resources on making money online. I've stumbled upon some helpful sites and some not so useful ones. Simply put, researching this topic is quite a tedious task. If you don't have the patience, time, and unlimited internet access you may just soon find yourself giving up.

Thankfully, I came across 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online. This e-book is really an eye-opener. If you're serious about making some serious money this e-book is a must have. Using the information that I've read so far I have started setting up a few online enterprises. I expect to start making some extra cash in the coming days.

In the name of full disclosure I will inform you that I will get a commission should you decide to purchase the e-book. Hope that's not a problem because there's something in it for you as well. Once you purchase the book you can also sell it in your own blog or website. I can tell you just one sale of the book will cover the entire purchase cost. It's a win-win situation.

I do hope you consider securing a copy of 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online. You will not regret it.

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Social Networking With Income Potential

Is being part of a social networking site really crucial if one wants to succeed as a blogger? Of course by success I mean the kind that fattens one's wallet. I'm asking this question because I've been reading a lot of blogging tips online and I've noticed that social networking sites are often cited as an important tool for bloggers.

I seriously hope this is not true because I don't do social networking. Not in real life and not online. I'm just not wired for social networking -- at all. At least that's my excuse.

However, just a few hours ago I stumbled upon a social networking site which offers an opportunity to earn some moolah. The site is called MyLot. I investigated and I found that its members earn money by simply participating in online discussions. Interesting.

To cut the story short I signed up. So now I'm officially getting myself involved in this social networking thing. I won't deny the fact that what sealed the deal for me is the opportunity to make some money.

I'm hoping my three loyal readers will come and join me in MyLot. Hey, loyal readers click on this link to find out more.

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Complimentary Comment Gets Blogger All Fired Up

I haven't been posting much these past two weeks as I am afflicted with a bad case of writer's block. Lately, I've been finding it increasingly difficult to blog because of frustration over my miniscule viewer traffic. Ironically, I do know that one way to get my viewer traffic to go up is by posting more regularly.

Well, I've just visited my other blog Better Philippines and was pleased to find that someone has left a comment on my post about Earth Hour. The commenter, a certain kiko3, wrote "beautiful blog merciiiiii." I must admit that small comment boosted my spirit. Naturally, I approved and published kiko3's comment. I also posted a short thank you message to show my appreciation.

I'm sure my three loyal followers will think this is rather pathetic -- getting all fired up because of a small comment. I will not dispute any such opinion because it really is pathetic especially since the comment I got was classified as spam.

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Irrelevant Ads On Blog

In my other blog Pinoy Media Insider I talk about anything and everything that has to do with the production side of broadcast media. Being the case, I would expect my Google ads to be somewhat related to matters concerning TV production, filmmaking and the like. Strangely though, what I’ve been getting most of the time are ads on stress management and anxiety disorders.

I’ve reviewed all my posts and I couldn’t find anything at all that could possibly lead Google to send me those ads. Ironically, I have been under a lot of stress and my anxiety level has been hitting the roof lately. It’s mostly because of some personal concerns. Ok, I’ll admit it. It’s mostly because of the fact that after almost three months of blogging my Adsense revenue is still a measly 58 cents.

Could this be a case of computer software gone telepathic? Earlier today I saw another irrelevant ad on my media-centric blog. This time it was for a slightly adult-themed site. I was astounded. Apparently, Adsense is even tuning in on the impure thoughts and feelings of one of my three avid readers. (cue “Twilight Zone” theme)

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Sun Cellular Call & Text International Sim Wows Loquacious Aunt

Here’s my first attempt at an online product review. For the sake of full disclosure, I will inform you that this review is being done for no financial consideration whatsoever. Peksman.

The focus of this review is Sun Cellular’s new product, the new Call & Text International SIM. Before anything else here are the important details you should know.

Cost: P49

Special rates:

  • P1/iSMS or International Text to 20 destinations:USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Macau, Japan, Qatar, Brunei, Guam, Hawaii, Oman, Cayman Island, Cyprus, Turkey, Northern Marianas Island, Jamaica, Bahamas & Puerto Rico.
  • US$0.10/IDD Call to 10 destinations:US (Mainland), China, Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Guam, and Macau
  • US$0.20/IDD Call to 20 destinations:Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Indonesia, Hawaii, Kuwait, Bahrain, Germany, Spain, Israel, France, Greece, Jordan, Northern Marianas Islands & Cyprus.

Now for the review. First off, the Sun Call & Text International Sim delivers as advertised. I let my auntie place a call to my cousins in Los Angeles, California. My aunt, being the chatterbox that she is, took all of 28 minutes just talking to one of my cousins. I know because I timed it. After their conversation I checked how much was left of the P150 special load that I had pre-loaded. There was P10 left. I did the math. At P140 divided by 28 mins, the call to LA cost P5 per minute. At an exchange rate of P50 to the dollar that’s US$0.10 per minute. Not bad at all.

But affordability isn’t everything where overseas calls are concerned. In fact it doesn’t mean squat if the call quality or reception isn’t optimal. I was observing my aunt while she was on the phone and not once did I see her strain to hear my cousin’s voice nor did I hear her raise her voice. That tells me that the reception was just fine. Well, I also asked my aunt how it was and she confirmed that the call quality was ok.

It’s been a few days now since that successful call to my cousins. I haven’t reloaded yet so my loquacious aunt is now making do with just sending text messages. Again, as advertised, the Sun Call & Text International Sim connected my aunt to our relatives overseas at only P1 per iSMS.

This SIM card can also be loaded with Sun’s regular load. Doing so would allow you to avail of the unlimited Sun to Sun local call and text services.

All in all, I can say Sun has a very solid offering. If you need to make IDD calls every now and then especially to the specific territories where this service applies you would definitely benefit from using the Sun Call & Text International Sim.

By the way, as a first time Sun user I was pleasantly surprised that I haven’t had any problems making or receiving calls or SMS through the other networks. I guess Sun Cellular has started making good on its commitment to beef up its network.

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Strange But True (Improved Version)

(Spot The Difference)

Man A: (to self) Blue is a nice color and it's perfect for my car.

Man B: (butts in) I will have to disagree. Blue is not nice at all and it would look bad on your car.

Man A: I'll stick with blue. It would look nice on my car.

Man B: Why don't you try red. Red is better.

Man A: Red could be good too but I'll just go with blue.

Man B: I would go for red anytime -- maybe even yellow.

Man A: Yellow? Red I can handle. But yellow?

Man B: Why? What's wrong with yellow?

Man A: I just don't like it.

Man B: Well, I would definitely use yellow when appropriate.

Man A: Why not green?

Man B: I don't like green. Do you like green?

Man A: Yes, but not on my car.

Man B: I still think blue is not a good color choice for your car.

Man A: Ok, but I'll stick with blue.

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Strange But True

Man A: (to self) Blue is a nice color and it's perfect for my car.

Man B: (butts in) Red is not an ugly color.

Man A: Ok.

Man B: Are you saying red is an ugly color?

Man A: All I said was blue is a nice color and that it's perfect for my car. I wasn't even talking to you.

Man B: Red is not an ugly color and it is more popular than blue. So are you saying my car won't look good in red? Besides yellow is even better.

Man A: Where did those other colors come from? All I said was blue is a nice color.

Man B: Red is better than blue. You're stupid and dumb.

Man A: I wasn't even comparing colors but we can talk about them if you like.

Man B: Whatever. I like red and yellow. Don't try to tell me you have better taste in color than me.

Man A: Huh?

Man B: You're color blind. Sure you have a blue car but don't tell me I can't have mine in red -- or yellow.

Man A: All i said was that blue is a nice color and it's perfect for my car.

Man B: My color choice is so much better than yours. You're just trying to assume superiority over me. And, you're a dumbass.

Man A: Blue... nice... color... perfect... for... car... wasn't... even... talking... to... you...

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A few weeks ago I ran into a former neighbor of mine. This happened while I was visiting relatives at the old neighborhood where I grew up. I was just whiling away the time in front of my auntie's house when this person came up to me. It was a pleasant encounter considering that it's been more than a decade since we last saw each other. However, all the time we were talking I was struggling to remember his name but I just couldn't.

Most people in my old neighborhood belong to the low income bracket. Most of them are in fact informal settlers or squatters. This particular person is one of them. I know for a fact that he used to live in one of the shanty colonies in our community.

I first encountered this person when I was still a college student. We would often run into each other on our street. I must admit I used to look at this person with contempt and distrust. It's not because I was prejudiced against the low income members of our community. It wasn't anything like that. I was just annoyed by his habit of looking at me as if he were sizing me up. The idea of confronting and challenging him to a fight crossed my mind many times back then. Fortunately, it didn't get to that.

A few years later, I got my first job as a production assistant at a film production company. One time our production manager asked me if I knew someone who would be interested in working as a utility man. It was a small job with equally small pay but it was still work. For some altruistic reason, I thought I'd offer the job to this person.

One night I decided to do just that. I knew he had to pass by our house to get to wherever it was that he lived. It didn't take long for him to show up as I had anticipated. When he got in front of our house I approached him and introduced myself. I remember he was a little confused at first that I was talking to him. I guess he thought I was going to confront him for those times when he gave me the evil eye. Anyway, I told him that I was just going to offer him a job. I informed him that the pay wasn't much for a utility man and that he would basically be at the beck and call of everyone else like a house helper. He accepted the offer. I guess he really needed the money.

During the time that he worked with me in that film production company I got to know him a bit. He turned out to be a decent person who just didn't have the same opportunities others like me enjoyed and perhaps took for granted.

My neighbor got to work in that company for just a month. When production of the movie we were filming ended the company let go of its contractual workers. As for me, I got transferred to another production unit. From then on I would just occasionally run into this person. Sometimes I would invite him over for a drink together with my cousins and other neighborhood buddies. All these until about ten years ago when our family relocated.

During my recent encounter with this person, I got the impression that he had become more destitute. He had that homeless look -- soiled, tattered clothes, grimy skin, the works. Yet despite his seemingly unfortunate circumstance he seemed happy and completely without any bitterness.

He engaged me in some small talk. He asked me how I was -- just the usual. It was all too trivial that I can't even remember much about our conversation. However, before he went on his way he did something quite meaningful. In a rather embarrased way he offered to share the small bottle of gin he had just bought. Here was a man who probably haven't had a decent meal for some time offering to share with me the only thing he had.

I politely declined the drink and he went on his way.

Maybe I'm just reading more into it but I really got the feeling that what he did was more than just offer me a drink. The way he said it he seemed as if he was trying to say thanks to me for the little help that I gave him more than a decade ago. I really can't say for sure. In any case I'm thankful that chance encounter happened because it reopened my eyes to the cosmic truth that doing good always has its rewards. It may not always be much or even of equal weight to the original act of kindness but, if you care to look closer, you would see that the reward is almost always something truly meaningful.

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How To Claim The 6/49 SuperLotto Jackpot

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office expects the 6/49 SuperLotto jackpot to hit at least P320 Million by Sunday. That's one big load of cash. This early I'm already thinking of how I would secure myself should I win the big prize. It wouldn't hurt to be prepared.

I imagine that winning P320million pesos would probably cause me to froth in the mouth, keel over, and go into some sort of epileptic seizure. Witnesses, particularly those who know me, would probably suspect then that I had hit the jackpot. That is likely because I've been saying all this time that I will probably have these symptoms if and when I do win the lottery.

I probably won't mind the initial embarrasment, however, I'm pretty sure the thought of being exposed as the P320 Million Man would make me paranoid.

"Is that burly man giving me the evil eye?"
"Is that a surveillance camera?"
"Why is that baby staring at me?"

Redeeming my winning lottery ticket would obviously be a big problem. Who knows what goes on when a lottery winner walks in at the PCSO office. Will they take a picture of me holding up a larger-than-life check with the figure "P320,000,000.00" painted in big, bold, highlighted typeface? Will they make me sign my real name on a voucher or receipt?

Thoughts like these are exactly the reason why I think I should be ready with a disguise. That way I can go claim my prize incognito. I've actually thought up a neat disguise, which for obvious reasons, I will not divulge. But I will say it will involve some prosthetics, heavy metalworks and a piece of fruit.

There is however one big problem that I haven't figured out yet. What if they tell me that the giant check is the check?

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Pray And Be Surprised

Tonight is the big draw for the 6/49 SuperLotto. As of seven this evening, the jackpot was already at P107M. I'm pretty sure the heavens will be swamped with prayers tonight.Incidentally, I did some praying myself earlier today. I was throwing away some garbage, which I've accumulated in my small laptop bag, when I found some of my old unverified lottery tickets. I usually buy lottery tickets and forget about checking if I won anything.

I decided to go to the nearest Lotto outlet to have the tickets verified. While I was walking I decided to say a little prayer. I was aware of the big jackpot tonight but at that moment I just wanted to pray for some help with a small problem I have right now and some cash to tide me over for the next few days. I've been running short of cash these past few days because of some expenses and credit card bills. In fact, all I had in my wallet earlier was P200. While I have some money in the bank I wasn't really keen on withdrawing any because I've already allocated the funds for something else.

Anyway, at the Lotto outlet, I decided to place a bet for tonight's big draw. I usually just pick random numbers whenever I bet because the set of numbers that I used to bet on -- believe it or not -- already came out. And, believe it or not again, that set came out on the one day that I didn't place a bet. That happened a long time ago when I used to bet on the lottery quite regularly.

After placing my bet I gave the teller my old tickets for verification. To my surprise it turned out that one of those tickets won P500 for hitting four out of six numbers. If memory serves me right, I think I already had similar lottery hits at least four times in the past. I was really pleasantly surprised I immediately called "Damaster-En-Kumander" and told her about it.

My winning that small consolation prize couldn't have happened at a better time. Even if it was just a small amount it really made my day. Not only did this lucky win provide me with some disposable cash to last me through the rest of the week it also lifted my spirit. It was really quite serendipitous, so cosmically significant that I decided to pass by a church to say a prayer of thanks. For someone who hasn't been to church for a long time now this was really quite significant.

Well, tonight, I will be joining the millions who will be praying for some luck. If I don't win that'll be ok. I know now that the Lord can tell if you're ready to be surprised and moved.


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Toilet Trouble

You know there's something wrong with the world when your company gives you the boot for practicing what you believe to be the more sanitary way of cleaning your b_tthole.

Leonie Johnson of the Townsville Bulletin reports that machine operator Amador Bernabe was sacked fromTownsville Engineering Industries (TEI) because of his toilet habits. Like most Filipinos Bernabe uses water to clean himself during toilet visits.

My sympathy goes to Bernabe not only because he is a kababayan but also for the simple fact that using water to clean your a_s is, without question, more hygienic than if you just use toilet paper. Of course, adding soap into the mix makes it even more hygienic.

I've been in situations where I really need to take a dump but the available restroom doesn't offer any means for me to clean up with water. Whenever I find myself in such a predicament I just resort to doing the next best thing. I hold it in for as long as it takes. It's just unthinkable -- having no water to clean your a_s.

I suppose Bernabe will appeal his case maybe even sue the company. If he does I think he can a build a case using the apparent lack of suitable facilities in his place of work as a basis.

In the report, the company clarified that it didn't fire Bernabe for his toilet habits but for posing a health risk. Reportedly, Bernabe's co-workers have been complaining that he often leaves the toilet cubicle "splashed with water suspected to be contaminated with feces." 

Whether or not those water spills were indeed Bernabe's doing is still a matter that needs to be verified. But, what is clear is that the toilet in TEI's facility is simply not properly equipped to meet the needs of all of its employees. Is it possible the big bosses of TEI haven't heard of toilet bowls equipped with water spray nozzles?

I'm quite certain, with a toilet bowl like that, the problem about water spills will be easily eliminated. It will also allow Bernabe and other like-minded employees to practice what should be universally considered as the more hygienic way of keeping one's a_s clean.

My apologies to my lactose intolerant readers but I really feel strongly about this and I think Bernabe needs our support. And, we should all spread the word that a clean a_s is a happy a_s.


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Illusions of Free Fare

My friend Joseph a.k.a. the Journeyist is pondering the concept of life being nothing more than just an illusion. Those who've seen the Matrix Trilogy should be familiar with the concept.

I can relate to Joseph's deep thinking. Just like him, I also philosphize a lot. Like him, I am also drawn to the idea that everything that we see around us is just an illusion.

While on my way to work the other day I discovered that I had no money in my wallet. But, much to my surprise I wasn't bothered at all. It was like I suddenly realized that money or even the state of not having any is just an illusion.

Unfortunately, the driver of the tricycle I boarded didn't share my Zen-like view of the situation. I shudder to think what type of injury the driver could have inflicted on me had I insisted that I was just an illusion and that I did not really ride his tricycle.

Good thing a co-worker happened to pass by and willingly lent me a mutilated but very real P20 bill.

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Facial From Hell

My three and a half friends could describe me in any number of nasty ways: an arrogant know-it-all, an opinionated a__hole, even a lousy ninong. Yet, despite their candor, I'm pretty certain they will never describe me as a metrosexual. As far as I'm concerned, beyond brushing one's teeth, taking a bath regularly and occasionally combing one's hair, a real man need not stray far from the traditions set by his caveman ancestors.

Sometime last year, "damaster-en-kumander" prevailed upon me to have my very first facial treatment. For her, this was a monumental event as she had been bugging me about it for the longest time. For me, well, there's always a first time for everything and since she was paying for it anyway I thought I might as well just enjoy it.

Yesterday, I had my third facial. This time around I volunteered to join "damaster-en-kumander." I had to volunteer since the alternative was for me too wait in the car for at least an hour.

A soft-spoken woman named Gemma ushered me into one of the cubicles. She told me to lie down and she began the preliminary procedures. To get my face all ready she exposed it to steam and applied a number of solutions. All this she did while gently massaging my face. Soothing, meditative music played in the background while a therapeutic scent wafted in the air. It didn't take long before I dozed off into dreamland.

Not long after, I was roused from my sleep. I was feeling a sharp pain on my cheek. I realized it was Gemma. She was then in the process of pricking my every pore to get to my whiteheads and those darn clingy blackheads. It was all good I thought so I just went back to sleep.

A few minutes later I was roused again this time by a really excruciating pain on my forehead. In her soft-spoken manner she asked me to move my head a little to the right. Her voice would have had a calming effect if not for the piece of metal she was poking my face with.

This time around, Gemma was no longer applying soft, light pressure. She was actually using full force and even putting her full weight behind every pin-prick she applied. Did I mention that this soft-spoken woman was also a burly woman? Well, she was and she was all set to perform surgery on my face. I thought I heard the Zen-like meditative music segue to a death-metal piece. "Growwwwllll!!! Bring on the pain!!!!"

Well, this whole death-metal sequence went on for the next thirty minutes or so. It all became clear to me by then that torture had a name and it was Gemma.

I don't know what happened exactly but nowhere during that whole time did I find the courage to speak out and tell her that she was hurting me and that, maybe, she could go a little easier on my already pockmarked face. "Wag po ate, wag po."

Maybe, I was just a little embarrased after all she was just doing her job the best way she could considering the challenge before her that was my face. But, then again I think she didn't need to hear me say it anyway. I'm certain she saw the tears flowing from my eyes.

After some time, Gemma asked me, "Sir, ok lang ba lagyan ko ng anti-inflammatory." Funny she asked. My whole face was all puffed up by then. A transfusion of fresh plasma would have worked better.

We ended our session with the usual. She asked me if I wanted to see all the whiteheads and blackheads she removed. Normally, I'd be interested to see it out of an inherent curiosity for the bizzare but this time I declined. In the state I was in at that time I wasn't sure if I could handle the sight of huge chunks of chopped up facial matter.

At that point, my ears were again hearing the Zen-like music coming out of the speakers and I could also smell the scent of lavander. That was a good thing as it reminded me that I was still alive. I went to the lobby and paid for the treatment. I also left a P100 tip for Gemma.

Despite all the pain I endured, i can still say it was all good. My face now feels lighter by 1.42 lbs.

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Is Caregiving That Dangerous?

Do Filipino caregivers face any risk of violence in their work abroad?

A caregiver friend of mine who works in Greece once told me that taking care of cranky elderly patients can sometimes prove dangerous to ones health. He pointed out that if there's one thing he learned in his line of work it's that one can never be too careful.

I believed him especially after he told me about this one incident involving a flying pair of smelly dentures. Apparently, he walked in on this particular patient of his as she was trying on a new housedress. As can be expected, his patient got startled. As my friend tried to apologize, this old lady spat out her dentures and decided to use them as projectiles. My caregiver friend took evasive action but realized too late that Neo's bullet dodging moves don't work in the real world.

I think he still has the scar on his forehead, which now serves as a reminder to always knock first before entering an old woman's room.

Anyway, beyond encounters with aerodynamic sets of false teeth, I don't think Filipino caregivers face any real threat to their persons. But, I could be wrong.

Check out this ad which I saw in one of our nationally circulated newspapers last Wednesday. I think it may be an indication of the kind of situation that awaits our caregiver friends abroad and the sort of action they have to take to protect themselves.

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New Lead In De La Paz-Pangandaman Brawl

My good friend Paul has raised a very interesting point that may finally put an end to the Dela Paz-Pangandaman issue. Here's a quote from his latest post:

"There are several versions of how the brawl started but they all have to do with Delfin and an umbrella. One version says that Delfin poked Mayor Nasser with an umbrella and another says that Delfin repeatedly bashed Mayor Nasser with an umbrella. (For all we know, may be it wasn't Delfin but Penguin who hit Mayor Nasser with an umbrella.)"

I must say he does fit the profile of someone who would do something like this. My own sources say this person is really crazy, ill-tempered and violently-inclined. If I were to handle this case, I would definitely investigate, charge, and bring before the bar of justice -- The Penguin.

But, that may be easier said than done. Even if i do find enough basis to implicate The Penguin I should also be able to produce the weapon used to carry out the dastardly deed. So now, the really big question is: Where's the umbrella?

Paul stated another point and I quote:

"I've heard the side of the Pangandamans through two friends and they make pretty good cases against the Dela Paz's, particularly against Delfin. One of those two people, over lunch at Sofitel's Spiral, characterized Delfin as "maangas" and "sobrang maangas"."

Aside from my scruples, which Paul has referenced for at least two times now, there's one other reason why I was reluctant to blog about this issue. The details didn't seem complete at all when all the buzz about it first came out. Sure, there was the detail about Delfin's son getting beaten up, which i must say was really deplorable. It also involved government officials, which -- and I think Paul would agree -- are easy targets. Who loves politicians anyway? Their mothers maybe.

It was all too easy to condemn one party for the whole thing when it was also very possible that the other party was also guilty maybe not equally but still guilty of something. In the movies, fight scenes almost always involve one camp representing the good and another representing the bad. In real life, that is not even standard. A brawl could involve no one else but two equally deplorable a__holes with overinflated egos.

The only real casualty in this situation was Bino de la Paz and I will maintain this point of view even if later on some criminal mind such as The Penguin comes out to say that it was the 14-year old golfer who threw the first punch.

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PNP Chief Bans Warning Shots (Curving the Bullet Isn't Real)

More than a month ago a number of policemen engaged a group of suspected robbers in a shootout in Paranaque. As with most shootouts in this part of the world, the outcome proved fatal for most of the suspects. Unfortunately, several civilians including a child were also killed.

And, just a few days ago, a police officer got himself into trouble when a bullet he fired into the air hit the windshield of a Quezon City councilor’s vehicle. The police officer reportedly fired a warning shot to stop a fight. Lucky for him, the councilor let him off the hook easily provided that he will pay for the cost of repairs.

The League of Restless Minds finds all these disturbing. So much so its distinguished members have reportedly been stricken with bouts of hysteria and major dysmenorrhea. I personally find this troubling since they’re all men.

The League’s leader Mang-Jerry-Prom-Da-Bronks, however, says there’s something else that’s making them sick and it’s PNP Chief Jesus Verzosa’s order for a ban on warning shots. The country’s top cop announced this yesterday along with his other plans to improve police operational procedures.

Mang-Jerry-Prom-Da-Bronks argues that some police officers may interpret Verzosa’s order as an official permission for them to just fire their guns without warning whenever they feel there’s a criminal element in their midst.

In fairness to Director General Verzosa, I think the idea behind the ban is to encourage police personnel to use other means of calling people’s attention to their presence and authority. In fact, he said policemen should just blow their whistles instead. Personally, I think doing the Chicken Dance would be more effective.

But, seriously, it’s good the PNP Chief issued the order. It shows that he is aware that there’s a problem concerning how his men use their guns and that he is addressing it. But, if I were him, I would also order all police officers to memorize the following facts.

bullets don’t evaporate when fired into the air
bullets can’t reach heaven (it’s too high up about 5,897,302 miles up to be exact)
“curve the bullet” is a cool slogan for a t-shirt

With these facts embedded in their sub-conscious, policemen should now be able to deal with crime with more finesse. But, then again, we can’t really blame the police if they suffer from premature discharge after all danger lurks at every corner.

Faced with a crime-in-progress like a senior citizen committing jaywalking, our friendly patrolman will have to think fast and react accordingly.

Should he shout “Freeze!” like a New York City Cop?

He would just look silly.

Should he fire a warning shot into the air?

Remember factoid number one: Bullets don’t evaporate.

Should he fire into the ground?

He could hit a bug or his own foot.

Should he even bother at all?

He’s a cop and jaywalking could net him a minimum of 100 bucks.

Hmmm… decisions… decisions.

Well, there is one other option he could take. He could point his gun at his big head and then – he could fire his warning shot. But, of course, not before he shouts to the suspect “Manigas Ka!” The suspect probably understands Tagalog.

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Caught Between A Rock And A Cold One (Drinking The Global Economic Crisis Away)

Experienced investors say this would be a good year to put in some cash in businesses involving alcohol.

Before I continue I want to make it clear that I will not be held responsible for any losses to be incurred if you decide to invest in shares of Green Cross Rubbing Alcohol. Don’t get me wrong. Green Cross is a great brand much like the other popular brands of my youth such as Omega Painkiller and White Flower but I’m not talking about rubbing alcohol here. I’m not even sure if there are Green Cross stocks being traded at the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Anyway, I’ve read that some analysts are saying that, with the expected impact of the Global Economic Crisis, many people will turn to drinking this year. So much so that some coffee shops are now reportedly planning to phase out their Machiattos, Frappuccinos and other fancifully named concoctions in favor of fancifully named alcoholic drinks.

I can already hear it: “Bartender, I just lost a gazillion pesos. Give me a Flaming Bar of Soap on the rocks… and put in some ice please.”

I can also hear the cries of the coffee crowd. “Aaaahhhh! The horror! Life without Espresso? Run for your lives!”

Luckily for these caffeine addicts this is still just a rumor just like the persistent one about the Philippines having some kind of political exercise in the very near future.

At this point, whether or not the Global Economic Crisis would indeed turn many social drinkers and innocent bystanders into drunkards is still pretty much anybody’s guess. However, I do know of some people who are already ahead of the anticipated curve.

My sources say these are employees of a company involved in solar energy or, maybe it was, Sun-dried pumpkin seeds. In any case, these employees were recently given the option of availing of the wine stock left unconsumed during their most recent company Christmas party. Apparently, this is part of a company campaign to promote healthy drinking. The company even came out with a health advisory to remind the employees not to overdo it. The advisory read: “Drink in moderation. The cost of the wine will be deducted from your salaries.”

From what I’ve been told, these employees could really use a drink, no, make that many drinks since they haven’t been receiving all their salaries and benefits for some time now. And, we all know nothing works better at lifting a tired, hapless worker’s spirit than having a cold one. That and actually getting paid for his or her work.

Should the crisis turn out to be as bad as some pundits say it would – massive layoffs, diminished purchasing power, smelly underwear, fireballs falling from the sky – then, these wine drinking employees are already at an advantage. They already have the headstart in the mad rush for some good ole’ alcohol induced stupor.

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Links With Cheese

my good friend paul has been encouraging me to link up with blogs that feature posts concerning hot current events. one such issue he recommended that i ride (sakyan) is the one about that much talked about fight that cemented the philippine's reputation for producing world class boxers, the de la paz-pangandaman brawl. yeah, i know the pacquiao-de la hoya fight also helped boost our country's boxing pride but let's reserve that for another post.

anyway, paul's advise is sound and i believe he is right. riding on hot issues by posting on relevant blogs is one way of harnessing the power of networking. but there's a problem...

i don't want to appear like i'm criticizing how other bloggers drive up traffic to their sites because i'm not. i'm simply saying that this approach is a little too cheesy for my taste.

don't get me wrong i love cheese. in fact, i can recommend cheese as a topping for any viand except maybe for "paksiw." but, i digress.

the simple fact is i'm just not yet comfortable with the idea of commenting on another person's blog if my dominant motivation for doing so is to boost traffic to my own site.

writing about the hot issue on my own blog? well, that's a different matter altogether.

seriously, the problem is me; not you cheesy poster.

perhaps i'm just not ready to give up the few scruples i have left. but who knows maybe after my next visit to the bathroom i'll be able to rid myself of such hindrances to blogosphere domination.

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Expensive Coffee Can Make You Lose Your Shoes

(I originally posted this on my wordpress blog (the angry manileño).)

It is widely known that coffee has stimulating effects and more recently that it has anti-oxidative properties. With this, some scientists say coffee, if taken in moderation, can be good for one’s health.

But, unknown to many, coffee especially the expensive kind may have some very disturbing side effects. Apparently, it can make you lose your shoe.

Scientists have yet to finish taking their coffee break and investigate this phenomenon but I can assure you this is real. Just visit any coffeeshop that serves overpriced coffee and you’ll see how bad this is affecting some people.

For some, losing a shoe or even a whole pair is not even the only side effect. Some also develop a compulsion to assume the Indian-style sitting position or any other ultra-relaxed pose. Some even raise their legs on the low tables or the armrests of their cushy cushy seats. Others even assume the fetal position, totally forgetting they’re not in their own homes.

Unscientific attempts to explore the reason for this disturbing coffee-induced behavior has resulted in some troubling discoveries. One is that there seems to be a correlation between the location of the coffee shop and the number of people afflicted with this mysterious malady. Upper-scale locations tend to have a bigger concentration of people with these symptoms. The same situation is prevalent in locations with a high concentration of college and high school students. Of course, these findings still need to be verified.

Incidentally, just last weekend, I found myself in a coffee shop. Having heard about this disturbing trend, I observed the other customers who were there. One girl caught my attention. She was all by herself reading a book, seemingly waiting for someone. Nothing out of the ordinary. But then, I noticed that she had the symptoms — feet unshod and the Indian sitting position. What really disturbed me though was that she remained in that state for more than 30 minutes. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m fussing about this. Well, you see, my logical side initially brushed off what I saw, thinking that maybe she was just trying to be comfortable. That would have been the logical explanation if not for the dead giveaway. You see I can imagine how comfortable it must be to sit that way on a cushy cushy seat but this girl was sitting on a wooden chair the kind that comes with a super-straight backrest. Can you spell uncomfortable?

The Anti-Coffee Crap Movement fears that there may be no remedy to this. Its members believe that as long as the hot brew retains its coolness factor there will always be people who will be susceptible to these side effects.

I, for one, am not a big coffee fan. I prefer tea. But unlike the English, I don’t lay claim to any degree of refinement. Still, unless forced, I would rather eat coffee beans freshly harvested from a civet cat’s pooper than have a cup of overpriced coffee and risk losing my shoe.

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Making The Switch

this blogging thing has got me stumped. so many technical details to understand. but it's been fun so far.

now, there's no denying i got into this out of a strong desire to make some extra cash. we all have to earn some, or more, right?

well, i started out a blog using wordpress ( and i have already posted around six little pieces. unfortunately, just a while back i discovered i couldn't put any ads on that blog. that kinda defeated my main reason for blogging.

to cut a very long story short, i decided to start all over again using blogger. so, good luck to me.

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