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Toilet Trouble

You know there's something wrong with the world when your company gives you the boot for practicing what you believe to be the more sanitary way of cleaning your b_tthole.

Leonie Johnson of the Townsville Bulletin reports that machine operator Amador Bernabe was sacked fromTownsville Engineering Industries (TEI) because of his toilet habits. Like most Filipinos Bernabe uses water to clean himself during toilet visits.

My sympathy goes to Bernabe not only because he is a kababayan but also for the simple fact that using water to clean your a_s is, without question, more hygienic than if you just use toilet paper. Of course, adding soap into the mix makes it even more hygienic.

I've been in situations where I really need to take a dump but the available restroom doesn't offer any means for me to clean up with water. Whenever I find myself in such a predicament I just resort to doing the next best thing. I hold it in for as long as it takes. It's just unthinkable -- having no water to clean your a_s.

I suppose Bernabe will appeal his case maybe even sue the company. If he does I think he can a build a case using the apparent lack of suitable facilities in his place of work as a basis.

In the report, the company clarified that it didn't fire Bernabe for his toilet habits but for posing a health risk. Reportedly, Bernabe's co-workers have been complaining that he often leaves the toilet cubicle "splashed with water suspected to be contaminated with feces." 

Whether or not those water spills were indeed Bernabe's doing is still a matter that needs to be verified. But, what is clear is that the toilet in TEI's facility is simply not properly equipped to meet the needs of all of its employees. Is it possible the big bosses of TEI haven't heard of toilet bowls equipped with water spray nozzles?

I'm quite certain, with a toilet bowl like that, the problem about water spills will be easily eliminated. It will also allow Bernabe and other like-minded employees to practice what should be universally considered as the more hygienic way of keeping one's a_s clean.

My apologies to my lactose intolerant readers but I really feel strongly about this and I think Bernabe needs our support. And, we should all spread the word that a clean a_s is a happy a_s.




  1. Paul Farol said,

    I support your cause!

    Let's have an ass washing convention! The only drawback is people may think it's Gloria's cabinet meeting.

    on January 29, 2009 at 5:40 PM  

  2. Why not go all the way and ask congress to adopt a "Happy Ass Day!" as a show of national solidarity with Bernabe. This will surely get international media exposure...

    Imagine people will be greeting each other.. "happy ass day!" ... same to you, a-hole!


    on February 1, 2009 at 7:23 PM  

  3. Paul Farol said,

    I wash mine as with water. May baby powder pa!

    We need to educate the Aussies with water hygiene.

    on February 18, 2009 at 1:10 PM