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New Lead In De La Paz-Pangandaman Brawl

My good friend Paul has raised a very interesting point that may finally put an end to the Dela Paz-Pangandaman issue. Here's a quote from his latest post:

"There are several versions of how the brawl started but they all have to do with Delfin and an umbrella. One version says that Delfin poked Mayor Nasser with an umbrella and another says that Delfin repeatedly bashed Mayor Nasser with an umbrella. (For all we know, may be it wasn't Delfin but Penguin who hit Mayor Nasser with an umbrella.)"

I must say he does fit the profile of someone who would do something like this. My own sources say this person is really crazy, ill-tempered and violently-inclined. If I were to handle this case, I would definitely investigate, charge, and bring before the bar of justice -- The Penguin.

But, that may be easier said than done. Even if i do find enough basis to implicate The Penguin I should also be able to produce the weapon used to carry out the dastardly deed. So now, the really big question is: Where's the umbrella?

Paul stated another point and I quote:

"I've heard the side of the Pangandamans through two friends and they make pretty good cases against the Dela Paz's, particularly against Delfin. One of those two people, over lunch at Sofitel's Spiral, characterized Delfin as "maangas" and "sobrang maangas"."

Aside from my scruples, which Paul has referenced for at least two times now, there's one other reason why I was reluctant to blog about this issue. The details didn't seem complete at all when all the buzz about it first came out. Sure, there was the detail about Delfin's son getting beaten up, which i must say was really deplorable. It also involved government officials, which -- and I think Paul would agree -- are easy targets. Who loves politicians anyway? Their mothers maybe.

It was all too easy to condemn one party for the whole thing when it was also very possible that the other party was also guilty maybe not equally but still guilty of something. In the movies, fight scenes almost always involve one camp representing the good and another representing the bad. In real life, that is not even standard. A brawl could involve no one else but two equally deplorable a__holes with overinflated egos.

The only real casualty in this situation was Bino de la Paz and I will maintain this point of view even if later on some criminal mind such as The Penguin comes out to say that it was the 14-year old golfer who threw the first punch.