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PNP Chief Bans Warning Shots (Curving the Bullet Isn't Real)

More than a month ago a number of policemen engaged a group of suspected robbers in a shootout in Paranaque. As with most shootouts in this part of the world, the outcome proved fatal for most of the suspects. Unfortunately, several civilians including a child were also killed.

And, just a few days ago, a police officer got himself into trouble when a bullet he fired into the air hit the windshield of a Quezon City councilor’s vehicle. The police officer reportedly fired a warning shot to stop a fight. Lucky for him, the councilor let him off the hook easily provided that he will pay for the cost of repairs.

The League of Restless Minds finds all these disturbing. So much so its distinguished members have reportedly been stricken with bouts of hysteria and major dysmenorrhea. I personally find this troubling since they’re all men.

The League’s leader Mang-Jerry-Prom-Da-Bronks, however, says there’s something else that’s making them sick and it’s PNP Chief Jesus Verzosa’s order for a ban on warning shots. The country’s top cop announced this yesterday along with his other plans to improve police operational procedures.

Mang-Jerry-Prom-Da-Bronks argues that some police officers may interpret Verzosa’s order as an official permission for them to just fire their guns without warning whenever they feel there’s a criminal element in their midst.

In fairness to Director General Verzosa, I think the idea behind the ban is to encourage police personnel to use other means of calling people’s attention to their presence and authority. In fact, he said policemen should just blow their whistles instead. Personally, I think doing the Chicken Dance would be more effective.

But, seriously, it’s good the PNP Chief issued the order. It shows that he is aware that there’s a problem concerning how his men use their guns and that he is addressing it. But, if I were him, I would also order all police officers to memorize the following facts.

bullets don’t evaporate when fired into the air
bullets can’t reach heaven (it’s too high up about 5,897,302 miles up to be exact)
“curve the bullet” is a cool slogan for a t-shirt

With these facts embedded in their sub-conscious, policemen should now be able to deal with crime with more finesse. But, then again, we can’t really blame the police if they suffer from premature discharge after all danger lurks at every corner.

Faced with a crime-in-progress like a senior citizen committing jaywalking, our friendly patrolman will have to think fast and react accordingly.

Should he shout “Freeze!” like a New York City Cop?

He would just look silly.

Should he fire a warning shot into the air?

Remember factoid number one: Bullets don’t evaporate.

Should he fire into the ground?

He could hit a bug or his own foot.

Should he even bother at all?

He’s a cop and jaywalking could net him a minimum of 100 bucks.

Hmmm… decisions… decisions.

Well, there is one other option he could take. He could point his gun at his big head and then – he could fire his warning shot. But, of course, not before he shouts to the suspect “Manigas Ka!” The suspect probably understands Tagalog.



  1. Paul Farol said,

    I don't know if this is still true, but I heard that in certain parts of Canada, the police do not carry guns when they are on patrol.

    When they encounter a situation which needs deadly force, they call for back up and these are the guys that carry the guns.

    But then again, Filipino cops know for sure that this will just get them killed as their fellow cops will certainly come too late.

    on January 9, 2009 at 9:17 PM  

  2. I agree. This has been prophesied in countless Tagalog movies. The police came in late in full force but not too late, they always made it just in time before the closing credits roll up..

    on January 12, 2009 at 12:12 AM