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Social Networking With Income Potential

Is being part of a social networking site really crucial if one wants to succeed as a blogger? Of course by success I mean the kind that fattens one's wallet. I'm asking this question because I've been reading a lot of blogging tips online and I've noticed that social networking sites are often cited as an important tool for bloggers.

I seriously hope this is not true because I don't do social networking. Not in real life and not online. I'm just not wired for social networking -- at all. At least that's my excuse.

However, just a few hours ago I stumbled upon a social networking site which offers an opportunity to earn some moolah. The site is called MyLot. I investigated and I found that its members earn money by simply participating in online discussions. Interesting.

To cut the story short I signed up. So now I'm officially getting myself involved in this social networking thing. I won't deny the fact that what sealed the deal for me is the opportunity to make some money.

I'm hoping my three loyal readers will come and join me in MyLot. Hey, loyal readers click on this link to find out more.