Strange But True (Improved Version) ~ Words For Moolah

Strange But True (Improved Version)

(Spot The Difference)

Man A: (to self) Blue is a nice color and it's perfect for my car.

Man B: (butts in) I will have to disagree. Blue is not nice at all and it would look bad on your car.

Man A: I'll stick with blue. It would look nice on my car.

Man B: Why don't you try red. Red is better.

Man A: Red could be good too but I'll just go with blue.

Man B: I would go for red anytime -- maybe even yellow.

Man A: Yellow? Red I can handle. But yellow?

Man B: Why? What's wrong with yellow?

Man A: I just don't like it.

Man B: Well, I would definitely use yellow when appropriate.

Man A: Why not green?

Man B: I don't like green. Do you like green?

Man A: Yes, but not on my car.

Man B: I still think blue is not a good color choice for your car.

Man A: Ok, but I'll stick with blue.