How To Claim The 6/49 SuperLotto Jackpot

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office expects the 6/49 SuperLotto jackpot to hit at least P320 Million by Sunday. That's one big load of cash. This early I'm already thinking of how I would secure myself should I win the big prize. It wouldn't hurt to be prepared.

I imagine that winning P320million pesos would probably cause me to froth in the mouth, keel over, and go into some sort of epileptic seizure. Witnesses, particularly those who know me, would probably suspect then that I had hit the jackpot. That is likely because I've been saying all this time that I will probably have these symptoms if and when I do win the lottery.

I probably won't mind the initial embarrasment, however, I'm pretty sure the thought of being exposed as the P320 Million Man would make me paranoid.

"Is that burly man giving me the evil eye?"
"Is that a surveillance camera?"
"Why is that baby staring at me?"

Redeeming my winning lottery ticket would obviously be a big problem. Who knows what goes on when a lottery winner walks in at the PCSO office. Will they take a picture of me holding up a larger-than-life check with the figure "P320,000,000.00" painted in big, bold, highlighted typeface? Will they make me sign my real name on a voucher or receipt?

Thoughts like these are exactly the reason why I think I should be ready with a disguise. That way I can go claim my prize incognito. I've actually thought up a neat disguise, which for obvious reasons, I will not divulge. But I will say it will involve some prosthetics, heavy metalworks and a piece of fruit.

There is however one big problem that I haven't figured out yet. What if they tell me that the giant check is the check?

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Pray And Be Surprised

Tonight is the big draw for the 6/49 SuperLotto. As of seven this evening, the jackpot was already at P107M. I'm pretty sure the heavens will be swamped with prayers tonight.Incidentally, I did some praying myself earlier today. I was throwing away some garbage, which I've accumulated in my small laptop bag, when I found some of my old unverified lottery tickets. I usually buy lottery tickets and forget about checking if I won anything.

I decided to go to the nearest Lotto outlet to have the tickets verified. While I was walking I decided to say a little prayer. I was aware of the big jackpot tonight but at that moment I just wanted to pray for some help with a small problem I have right now and some cash to tide me over for the next few days. I've been running short of cash these past few days because of some expenses and credit card bills. In fact, all I had in my wallet earlier was P200. While I have some money in the bank I wasn't really keen on withdrawing any because I've already allocated the funds for something else.

Anyway, at the Lotto outlet, I decided to place a bet for tonight's big draw. I usually just pick random numbers whenever I bet because the set of numbers that I used to bet on -- believe it or not -- already came out. And, believe it or not again, that set came out on the one day that I didn't place a bet. That happened a long time ago when I used to bet on the lottery quite regularly.

After placing my bet I gave the teller my old tickets for verification. To my surprise it turned out that one of those tickets won P500 for hitting four out of six numbers. If memory serves me right, I think I already had similar lottery hits at least four times in the past. I was really pleasantly surprised I immediately called "Damaster-En-Kumander" and told her about it.

My winning that small consolation prize couldn't have happened at a better time. Even if it was just a small amount it really made my day. Not only did this lucky win provide me with some disposable cash to last me through the rest of the week it also lifted my spirit. It was really quite serendipitous, so cosmically significant that I decided to pass by a church to say a prayer of thanks. For someone who hasn't been to church for a long time now this was really quite significant.

Well, tonight, I will be joining the millions who will be praying for some luck. If I don't win that'll be ok. I know now that the Lord can tell if you're ready to be surprised and moved.


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