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This blog has been inactive for more than a year already. Real life certainly has a way of screwing up plans for world domination.

By the way, in case you have extra time to waste go visit www.cleanthatcolon.com. Why? No special reason. Trip lang.

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Make Money Online

I haven't been active in this blog for some time now. My attention has been diverted recently to matters of "national importance" via my other blog www.betterphilippines.com. Hopefully, I'll be more active here in the coming days.

So, what made me reactivate my presence here? Well, I recently found a very helpful e-book, which I would like to share with you. It's about making money online, which was the original purpose of this blog thus the name WordsForMoolah or simply put words for money or blogging for money. Anyway, as I said, I recently came across this e-book and was intrigued enough to purchase it for a reasonable price. The book is 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online by Willie Crawford.

This 247-page e-book offers a wealth of information on how we can make money online. Not only does it list 20 different online business models but also outlines the steps on how to go about doing each one of them. There are also loads of links to sites you can use to develop your online business.

Since I started blogging a few months ago I have been scouring the internet for resources on making money online. I've stumbled upon some helpful sites and some not so useful ones. Simply put, researching this topic is quite a tedious task. If you don't have the patience, time, and unlimited internet access you may just soon find yourself giving up.

Thankfully, I came across 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online. This e-book is really an eye-opener. If you're serious about making some serious money this e-book is a must have. Using the information that I've read so far I have started setting up a few online enterprises. I expect to start making some extra cash in the coming days.

In the name of full disclosure I will inform you that I will get a commission should you decide to purchase the e-book. Hope that's not a problem because there's something in it for you as well. Once you purchase the book you can also sell it in your own blog or website. I can tell you just one sale of the book will cover the entire purchase cost. It's a win-win situation.

I do hope you consider securing a copy of 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online. You will not regret it.

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Social Networking With Income Potential

Is being part of a social networking site really crucial if one wants to succeed as a blogger? Of course by success I mean the kind that fattens one's wallet. I'm asking this question because I've been reading a lot of blogging tips online and I've noticed that social networking sites are often cited as an important tool for bloggers.

I seriously hope this is not true because I don't do social networking. Not in real life and not online. I'm just not wired for social networking -- at all. At least that's my excuse.

However, just a few hours ago I stumbled upon a social networking site which offers an opportunity to earn some moolah. The site is called MyLot. I investigated and I found that its members earn money by simply participating in online discussions. Interesting.

To cut the story short I signed up. So now I'm officially getting myself involved in this social networking thing. I won't deny the fact that what sealed the deal for me is the opportunity to make some money.

I'm hoping my three loyal readers will come and join me in MyLot. Hey, loyal readers click on this link http://www.myLot.com to find out more.

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Complimentary Comment Gets Blogger All Fired Up

I haven't been posting much these past two weeks as I am afflicted with a bad case of writer's block. Lately, I've been finding it increasingly difficult to blog because of frustration over my miniscule viewer traffic. Ironically, I do know that one way to get my viewer traffic to go up is by posting more regularly.

Well, I've just visited my other blog Better Philippines and was pleased to find that someone has left a comment on my post about Earth Hour. The commenter, a certain kiko3, wrote "beautiful blog merciiiiii." I must admit that small comment boosted my spirit. Naturally, I approved and published kiko3's comment. I also posted a short thank you message to show my appreciation.

I'm sure my three loyal followers will think this is rather pathetic -- getting all fired up because of a small comment. I will not dispute any such opinion because it really is pathetic especially since the comment I got was classified as spam.

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Irrelevant Ads On Blog

In my other blog Pinoy Media Insider I talk about anything and everything that has to do with the production side of broadcast media. Being the case, I would expect my Google ads to be somewhat related to matters concerning TV production, filmmaking and the like. Strangely though, what I’ve been getting most of the time are ads on stress management and anxiety disorders.

I’ve reviewed all my posts and I couldn’t find anything at all that could possibly lead Google to send me those ads. Ironically, I have been under a lot of stress and my anxiety level has been hitting the roof lately. It’s mostly because of some personal concerns. Ok, I’ll admit it. It’s mostly because of the fact that after almost three months of blogging my Adsense revenue is still a measly 58 cents.

Could this be a case of computer software gone telepathic? Earlier today I saw another irrelevant ad on my media-centric blog. This time it was for a slightly adult-themed site. I was astounded. Apparently, Adsense is even tuning in on the impure thoughts and feelings of one of my three avid readers. (cue “Twilight Zone” theme)

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Sun Cellular Call & Text International Sim Wows Loquacious Aunt

Here’s my first attempt at an online product review. For the sake of full disclosure, I will inform you that this review is being done for no financial consideration whatsoever. Peksman.

The focus of this review is Sun Cellular’s new product, the new Call & Text International SIM. Before anything else here are the important details you should know.

Cost: P49

Special rates:

  • P1/iSMS or International Text to 20 destinations:USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Macau, Japan, Qatar, Brunei, Guam, Hawaii, Oman, Cayman Island, Cyprus, Turkey, Northern Marianas Island, Jamaica, Bahamas & Puerto Rico.
  • US$0.10/IDD Call to 10 destinations:US (Mainland), China, Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Guam, and Macau
  • US$0.20/IDD Call to 20 destinations:Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Indonesia, Hawaii, Kuwait, Bahrain, Germany, Spain, Israel, France, Greece, Jordan, Northern Marianas Islands & Cyprus.

Now for the review. First off, the Sun Call & Text International Sim delivers as advertised. I let my auntie place a call to my cousins in Los Angeles, California. My aunt, being the chatterbox that she is, took all of 28 minutes just talking to one of my cousins. I know because I timed it. After their conversation I checked how much was left of the P150 special load that I had pre-loaded. There was P10 left. I did the math. At P140 divided by 28 mins, the call to LA cost P5 per minute. At an exchange rate of P50 to the dollar that’s US$0.10 per minute. Not bad at all.

But affordability isn’t everything where overseas calls are concerned. In fact it doesn’t mean squat if the call quality or reception isn’t optimal. I was observing my aunt while she was on the phone and not once did I see her strain to hear my cousin’s voice nor did I hear her raise her voice. That tells me that the reception was just fine. Well, I also asked my aunt how it was and she confirmed that the call quality was ok.

It’s been a few days now since that successful call to my cousins. I haven’t reloaded yet so my loquacious aunt is now making do with just sending text messages. Again, as advertised, the Sun Call & Text International Sim connected my aunt to our relatives overseas at only P1 per iSMS.

This SIM card can also be loaded with Sun’s regular load. Doing so would allow you to avail of the unlimited Sun to Sun local call and text services.

All in all, I can say Sun has a very solid offering. If you need to make IDD calls every now and then especially to the specific territories where this service applies you would definitely benefit from using the Sun Call & Text International Sim.

By the way, as a first time Sun user I was pleasantly surprised that I haven’t had any problems making or receiving calls or SMS through the other networks. I guess Sun Cellular has started making good on its commitment to beef up its network.

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Strange But True (Improved Version)

(Spot The Difference)

Man A: (to self) Blue is a nice color and it's perfect for my car.

Man B: (butts in) I will have to disagree. Blue is not nice at all and it would look bad on your car.

Man A: I'll stick with blue. It would look nice on my car.

Man B: Why don't you try red. Red is better.

Man A: Red could be good too but I'll just go with blue.

Man B: I would go for red anytime -- maybe even yellow.

Man A: Yellow? Red I can handle. But yellow?

Man B: Why? What's wrong with yellow?

Man A: I just don't like it.

Man B: Well, I would definitely use yellow when appropriate.

Man A: Why not green?

Man B: I don't like green. Do you like green?

Man A: Yes, but not on my car.

Man B: I still think blue is not a good color choice for your car.

Man A: Ok, but I'll stick with blue.

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